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Feedback from Speeddating Parties
(names are fictitious in line with our confidentiality policy)

Watch this page for continuously updated comments and real -- anonymous -- quotes from happy participants at our parties who are now enjoying romantic bliss!!!! (names have been changed, in accordance with our confidentiality policy)

"My Gosh! This evening was fire! Your website really doesn't do justice to the energy of the evening!" - Fred [9/4/02]

From the March 9, 2003 Party


Tkank you for mailing me,I had a really good time last night. It was the greatest party ever,I felt so. People were so nice,all of you too.I talked to some of girl ,they were so nice too. I actually didn't expect that party 
would be nice,tun. Sorry for I thought so before start the party.... 

I'd like to say again ,it was a great party.I wanna tell my friends about the party which is threw by you guys.

Another "thank you" gave me a chances to know peoples at the party,I promise that follow rules,and respect peoples.I won't play any games.

 [May 11, 2003]

Hi I'm YYYYY, thank you for mailing me. 
I had a good time, Your party (Speed dating) is the best in Tokyo I guess.
I hope you remember about me, 
about I told you I already met a great guy who is from Speed dating two month ago. 
This time I wanted to bring my 
friend but she got cold, I felt bad about it. 
Then I tryed to make it up. I met my great boyfriend ,
because you guys were opening (thowing) the party then. 

I wanna tell you that I mail to 4 guys ( I got 4 maches) ,
but I do not see them. I just don't wanna play games, 
I won't make anyone feel bad. Thank you again, Hope my boyfriend and me could have long rerationship, 
but IF something is happened badly 
I will come Speed dating again.

Please wish me not coming it again,hahaha.....

My friend wants to join for next time, 
she will apply it very soon!!

These are cut & pasted from messages we've received. Only the names have been changed, the dates inserted.

How are you? I had a very good time 
last Sunday night!
Hope to have a boyfriend. Thank you very 

December 1, 2002:
Many thanks for your reply on the results of Sunday evening's meeting. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience, and I am pleasantly surprised to have received these responses. 
I will certainly contact the ladies concerned.
I thank both of you and others involved in organising what I think is a very useful and helpful session; your handling of it was efficient, friendly and good-humoured.
Maybe see you at one of your future sessions.
Best of luck & regards

Thanks for email. I really enjoyed Wednesday. 
A great concept and I 
will be sure to tell my friends about it". -Anthony [9/4/2002] 

December 1, 2002
thanks for the quick response. you guys must have
been up late last night to get it all done in a day.
i have to admit to being a bit doubtful before the
event, but the way you guys set it up made for an
interesting night which i think every one should try
at least once.

"Thank you very much for sending me the 
I enjoyed the party, it was much better 
than I expected!" - Tomoko

"The setting was great. It was a very nice location to try and get friendly with girls. The candles and Champagne were a nice touch. I was expecting to speak Japanese with most [of the girls] (I did a few anyway) but most had English down to a point where Japanese was not needed so that was comfortable" 

"Bravo! Forgive me but it was much better than expected. And you managed to pull in some beautiful girls!" - Roger Rourke


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