Join a Speed Dating party and enjoy 15+ consecutive private 5 minute dates. Score each date 'Yes' or 'No'. Tokyo Speed Dating will later forward contact details to members of couples that scored each other 'Yes'. After that the romance is up to you!


Tokyo Speed Dating Venue
Tokyo Speed Dating Parties are at Quest in Roppongi

Directions to Quest:

Quest is on a side street in Roppongi one block behind and parallel to Gaien Higashi Dori which is Roppongi's main strip.

Getting there from Roppongi Crossing: There are several ways to go. If you start from Almond, the easiest way may be:

1. Walk toward Tokyo Tower on the main drag. Turn right at McDonalds (can see the Hard Rock Cafe). Walk 15 meters and turn right again. After 30 meters Charlston Pizzeria is on the left. Walk past Charlston another 30 meters and Quest is on the left (same side of the road as Charleston. Look for the green and white Australia map sign.

2. Walk down the little diagonal side street that leads down the hill from Roppongi crossing to the left of Almond's. After about 50 meters, you will arrive at a little crossing. Cross the street and let the public toilets go by on your right. Head up a little one-way street in the direction of the Hard Rock Cafe and the Roi Building. Quest is very close to you now. It is on the right hand side of the street on the 3rd floor only about 15 meters  up from the public toilets which are housed in a stand alone structure on the sidewalk of that little intersection. Look up for a yellow sign with a green map of Australia on it that says Quest. On the ground floor is a Japanese looking restaurant called Kento's.

Australian Bar
Roppongi's trendiest night club
Just 3 minutes from Roppongi Crossing


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